Housing collapse? What housing collapse?

Bad news trumps good nearly every time in the media, especially in the financial media. Interest rates are going up, interest rates are getting cut. Consumers are in trouble with too much debt, consumers can handle their debts. We’re in a recession, were in a depression, we’re fine. There’s the housing bubble that never happened, […]

Selling Or Repelling?

Selling can be a difficult task for many; myself included. How ever I am quickly learning how to improve this area of my life and business. While I agree that we do not want to be to pushy when it comes to selling I do feel we owe it to our clients to be honest and […]

W.A.M- What are YOU worth? Financially !!!

Wow this blows my mind! I heard a statistic the other day that I simply could not believe. My first thought  was “this can’t be true”…followed by sadness…followed by action!   I heard that the average Canadian has a net worth of approximately $16,000. That is simply  not acceptable! We live in the best country […]

The World Will Give You What YOU Ask For !!!

Money will flow to you when you watch this !!! Now check out this one….   Come back to this site often!!! This is where the action takers and money makers come for incite and inspiration! Please comment below. If you want your friends, family and loved ones to view this video click the tabs […]

What Are You Thinking About ???

This video says it all… Please comment below. Do you think about what you want?…. OR…. Do you think about what you don’t want? It makes a huge difference!

Is Your "WHY" Strong enough?

” Adversity causes some men to break and causes others to break records” Through out life you will most certainly face adversity, both in your personal life as well as your business life. The question is will you learn to harness your adversity and overcome life’s challenges or will you end up like 97% and […]

How do you buy real estate without money or bank assistance?

“So how do you get started with no money and no bank assistance”? Great question. The answer is easy….but the process takes work, time, and devotion!That is something that most people are not willing to do! Education is key! You must invest more in yourself then you do in anything else. Most people hear that […]

Who wants a 4 hour work week?

I remember going through school hating the crap my teaches required us to read. Reading was boring. All through out school from grade school to college I never read a book cover to cover. I only did enough to get by! Believe me that strategy did not work real well. The way you do anything […]

Interior Home Staging Tips !

Simple Interior Home Staging Tips The simple act of home staging can provide tremendous benefits when you’re selling your home. Not only does it make your home more inviting to potential buyers, it also increases the value of your house. Although hiring a professional home stager can run you thousands of dollars, if you have […]