THE SECRET IS FINALLY OUT…..What does BFRR Actually Mean?

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“The best way to solve a problem is to – define it, think about it, create a plan, act, and then evaluate the results!” Quentin D’Souza, Author and Award Winning Real Estate Investor

“You have two choices; you can either move forward into growth and greatness or you can retreat backward into the mediocrity of your comfort zone. Success lies in moving forward even though it is often very uncomfortable.” Jeff Woods, Author and Award Winning Real Estate Investor

“One of the most powerful tools in achieving wealth is the use of leverage. Leverage is using other people’s resources such as money in the form of a mortgage, someone’s labour or knowledge. When it comes to investing in real estate cash or should I say cash is king. Cash flow is what allows you to achieve your goals and the lifestyle you desire.” Andrew Brennan, Author Award Winning Real Estate Investor

These “three authors” have done hundreds of BFRR deals and the common experience between them is that they will never consider going back to the old standard investment strategies. They have just launched their collaborative book “The Ultimate Wealth Strategy: Your Complete guide to Buying, Fixing, Refinancing, and Renting Real Estate” which is the best wealth strategy you will ever come across.

This book will not pretend that real estate success is easy or a get-rich-quick scheme but it is a well thought out plan and path for you to follow and pursue which may take several years of effort.

It is written with a business style but also includes a story in conversational style with a real person who meets someone in a coffee shop that teaches him how to make changes in his life by taking control and following a formula. This character “John” is brought in and out throughout the book showing us how he acquires the knowledge to use the tools available to him to put BFRR to work. While the character is learning, we are learning as well by reading his journey.

This approach in the book helps us understand how to follow this new direction. It feels like you are the person in the book….very clever and effective. The conversation between these two people gives us a sense that it can be any of us sitting in that coffee shop.

It shows us the importance of mindset and how to utilize it with the BFRR strategy. How the BFRR Strategy can help us create wealth! “Mindset without execution is useless.”

What is the BFRR Strategy, here is a preview:

Definition of this Acronym: Buy, Fix, Refinance, and Rent Strategy (BFRR)

  • It is a strategy that will save you a ton of time and will accelerate your goals beyond anything you have previously experienced
  • It is a path to a secure and prosperous financial future
  • It is the most comprehensive, reliable, and trusted strategy for not only getting a strong return over time but also building incredible momentum

“The biggest killer of momentum and ambition is: procrastination – action with the correct knowledge is power.

This is a valuable book to have. Doesn’t matter how old, how young or how inexperienced you are in real estate investing, it is worth picking up and worth reading it from page to page. These authors truly found the trick to getting a point across that wealthy financial advisors could never share with you in fright of watching you succeed.

Remember, having a coffee and a conversation “can” literally change your life! Maybe you will be the one to help the next time.

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