Right and Wrong Body Language Methods – And 4 Little Pointers That Will Increase Your Sales!

BODY LANGUAGERight and Wrong Body Language Methods – And 4 Little Pointers That Will Increase Your Sales!

Have you ever wondered why you didn’t nail that client when you thought your presentation was awesome. Well, your body language could have set the tone off kilter. Be aware of your body language because it is the key to the process of representing yourself and the value of your offer. It is critical that you avoid any negative gestures or signals.

Here is what to watch out for:

1. Arms Folded Across Your Body:

  • When you cross your arms in front of your body, you are sending a message that you are remote, detached and closed to any type of interactive communication. Even though it just might be a comfort habit, the perception being made by your client could be VERY different.
  • Remedy: Simple, hold something in your hands like a date book or note pad. If sitting down, put your hands on your laps and keep your legs uncrossed because this also can imply a closed mind.

2. Gesturing:

  • Using your hands when talking is perfectly normal gesturing, however, wild gesticulation can be alarming to the party. Avoid greasy sales tactics like the “finger trigger gun” or “air quotes” to prove a point. This all can be alarming.
  • Remedy: Keep your hand and arm movements close to your torso.

 3. Slumping While Sitting:

  • Have you ever sat across from a desk and the person across from you is slouching while speaking with you? Didn’t that make you feel he or she was uninterested or bored at what you were saying? That is exactly what slouching implies; an overly relaxed attitude.
  • Remedy: Sit straight up and closer to the edge of the chair rather than closer to the back.

4. Fidgeting

  • Whenever you fidget, may it be tapping your nose, playing with your hair or clicking a retractable pen, it can all come across that you are a very nervous person or interpreted that you are being less than honest.
  • Remedy: Hold something in your hands that is noiseless, wear your hair up so you will not play with it and don’t wear loose jewellery like a watch which you may want to twist around and around.