Procrastination Will Kill YOUR Real Estate Investing Career & Leave You Begging For Chump-change On The Street

CHANGE2All right you may not end up on the street but you will NEVER reach your true potential if you continue to procrastinate. Procrastination affects much more than your real estate investments. I have put together a 9 question assessment for you to quickly determine if you are wasting valuable time and killing your potential. Take the assessment now.


Do I put off taking care of important things that jeopardize my relationships, career, finances or health?  YES  /  NO

Do I put off doing what I need to do until a crisis develops?  YES  /  NO

Do I put off doing tasks unless I can do them perfectly, or until I can find the perfect time to do them?  YES  /  NO

Do I hesitate taking action that needs to be taken because I fear change?  YES  /  NO

Do I think too much about things I’d like to do but rarely get around to doing?  YES  / NO

Do I think I am special and don’t need to do all the things that other people need to do?  YES  /  NO

Do I commit myself to so many things that I can’t find time for many of them?  YES  /  NO

Do I tend to do only what I want to do instead of what I should do?  YES  /  NO

Do I tend to do only what I think I should do instead of what I want to do?  YES  /  NO

My friend,  if you have answered “YES” to one or more of these questions that is a huge problem! I know that with a little help and guidance you can change this habit of procrastination and live the life that you deserve.

Want help?  YES  /  NO

Reach out to Woods & Mazzulla Properties. We don’t just invest in real estate…we INVEST in people….We BELIEVE in you!  If you’re ready for financial freedom and willing to invest in yourself contact our office today!

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Until next time stay great….nothing else pays!