Do You Have An Insurance Professional On Your Team?


For most individuals and families, the biggest investment you will have is your house.  This asset may be your retirement, tool to leverage equity or most importantly, your Family’s Home.  As a result, your Home insurance needs to be structured in a manner to properly protect your Home.  Your biggest investment.


When reviewing your insurance, cost is important and most people settle for the lowest price they can find.  But what is the actual cost of cheap insurance?  Do you have all of the coverage required in our changing environment?  Many insurers are now limiting or in some cases, completely restricting Water Damage claims.  It should be noted that Water has become the most frequent cause of insured claims.  Not Fire any longer!  And the definition of a Water claim can mean different things to different people. 


If you are reading this, you probably are successful enough in your personal finances to be owning investment property or at the very least, beginning your road to your first investment property.  Now even more than before, the importance of proper insurance grows to protect your investment, your wealth and your future. 


You may be the best at what you do in your career field, but are you an insurance professional?  You will surround yourself with the best lawyers and accountants but what about the other professional, the insurance broker?  You could deal with a call centers or an online website, but will they provide you with the knowledge, expertise and intangible resources that you can obtain from an Insurance Broker?


Find the right fit for your Insurance needs.  To do this, I suggest interviewing your Insurance Professional before actually needing them.  If you are looking at Investment Property, make sure your Insurance Professional can grow with you with the resources they have to offer. 


I hope you found this information helpful.


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