Can a Home Stager help a professional Investor?

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Can a Home Stager help a professional Investor? For most investors, time is always an essence and it is imperative to sell the home quickly.  The longer it takes to update and renovate the property the more money it is costing the investor for carrying costs.. Hiring a professional Stager can help an investor in many ways.

So how can a Home Stager help an investor?

First, once the home is purchased a professional stager can help an investor in choosing, all finishes like flooring, painting, lighting, cabinets, and surfaces for baths and kitchens, landscaping, plumbing fixtures and just about anything that the home requires to be completed. Many times a home stager can also provide you with the trades that are needed to provide all the above services. A home stager will assist an investor in where to invest the budget set for the property in order to receive the best return on your money.

Having the investment property staged is a MUST!

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If your knowledge and understanding of the industry is constantly growing, so is the potential for your business to grow .On the other hand, if you keep doing the “same  as everyone else”, why would you expect your results to change? So offer something different than your competitor.

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Vacant homes, are cold, uninviting and take longer to sell. At Images Staged with Flair we have our own contemporary and unique inventory of furniture and accessories, which will make your property stand out from the rest.  We create an analysis for the property, we design the staging to make sure that it will reflect the target buyers. Staging creates the WOW factor and strikes an emotional chord with the buyer. Our task is to help the buyer envision themselves living in the house….to help create the lifestyle they would lead while living in the home. That’s nearly impossible to do in a vacant, non-staged home. We make your empty house feel like a home – one the buyer would love to move into. Your listing pictures will look fantastic and buyers will fall in love with your home as soon as they walk through the door.

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Often having your investment property professionally staged will amount to much less than the actual carrying costs if the home becomes a stale listing. this will also result in a price reduction which is almost always more than the cost of staging.


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At Images Staged with Flair, we go one step further, we offer a marketing social media package that will give your property exposure on line,  and also professional pictures that will allow the buyer to view on line and want to come and view the home. So make sure that before the for sale sign goes up on the front lawn, that the home is move in ready and professionally staged in order to sell quick and for top dollar.

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Images Staged with Flair