block3Most people today are worried about losing their job. With news of companies downsizing and/or restructuring in the news every day, can give anyone anxiety. Feeling like YOUR head will be the next on the chopping block is stressful but there are ways to prevent that from happening. There are some things you can control and some things you cannot, however, focus on what you can control.

It is sad but true, many workers develop a slacker’s work ethic. They do just enough to get by. Remember, everything is numbers. Your employer is a company, companies want to make money. You are there to help them achieve this regardless how small your role is within the organization. If you understand that money is what they want to make, then have the mindset to feel what you are doing is just that, making them money. Do the following five steps to prevent your head to be next:


  1. Develop a work ethic that is NOW needed and in DEMAND. Listen to clues that what they are missing and lacking. Do what it takes to fill that void.
  2. Always know that the company is there to make money and you are there to help.
  3. Expand your skills, ask questions, get involved, learn what’s next not what was always done before.
  4. Be confident and not afraid. Fear affects your performance and your performance matters in order to not be on their pink slip list.
  5. Do not set up your own limited beliefs about yourself or your achievements. By doing that you are paralyzing your way to more success. Focus on what you really want and what they need.


Make yourself more valuable this year than last year. If you are able to continue with a good work ethic in a bad environment then you can pretty much do anything anywhere. In the book “The Ultimate Wealth Strategy”, it demonstrates and teaches you a proven path out of the financial and labour quagmire. The authors point out what others have done before and are ready to show the way forward.

Instead of having the worry of being chopped, take control of your future and develop the mindset to do it by applying the strategy shown in this book. GET YOUR COPY NOW!

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